Quotables: life in the raw

“People often notice and share really pretty things (on social media)…but I think we should appreciate things that are just as eye grabbing, in the opposite direction.”
Tyson Grumm

It’s true, life isn’t made up of just the pretty things. Often, just outside the frame, where it’s raw and unfiltered, it can be messy, chaotic, weathered, dilapidated. It’s not wrong, it just is what it is.

And yet.

Tyson is right. Ugly isn’t always. When you look at something…really look at it, to see it…you can get a sense of what it was, what it is.

So, Mr. Grumm, I pick up the gauntlet you’re throwing down.





Beauty is in the perceptive eye of the beholder.



2 thoughts on “Quotables: life in the raw

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  2. that’s a winner. man that is some weathered signage. good find! like your wording, bout life around the edges outside the frame.

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