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We’ve discussed previously my propensity for lists. Making them makes me happy. And accountable. And therefore more productive. So when Kristina asked what exciting things I was going to do to celebrate my 4th decade…I could tell her I had a bucket list … in my head. She suggested I actually write it down (well, there’s a genius idea). In a subsequent conversation, Sandy upped the ante, and challenged me to put my bucket list on a deadline: 101 things TO DO in 1001 days.



I confess a little angst that I would be able to actually list out 101 things I want to do. I mean, I’m active and creative and motivated and all, but 101 things … that’s … a lot. But I surprised myself once I actually started drafting the list. And there are a few things I’m considering that didn’t make it on the original list. I may add a few honorable mentions. At any rate, it only took about 3 days of actual deliberation. 


Now it’s done, I’m becoming excited about getting started. And curious to know how many things I can accomplish. Head’s up, people. Some of these will be more fun with company (sky diving!). I may just call you…


So, start the countdown timer on 4/1/14 for a goal end date of 12/31/17.

101 Bucket
Last updated: 4/9/14

1. Go sky diving.

2. Swim with dolphins.

3. Bird-watch for a cardinal in its native habitat.

4. See Niagra Falls.

5. Swim in 3 different oceans.

6. Collect 5 more passport stamps.

7. Build a sand castle … in Hawaii.

8. Swim 750 miles.

9. Double the number of states I’ve ridden my MOTO in (from 3 to 6).

10. Either cull my cardigan collection from 30+ down to 15 or less, or embrace the cardi as my signature wardrobe item. Either way, make a decision. <shush, Sandy>

11. Read 101 books (to count, must be more than 250 pages) <Libby, I will need help here>

12. Add a pair of plaid Dr. Martens to my boot collection.

13. Photograph tulips … in Holland. See #6.

14. Go snow-shoeing.

15. Attend a costume party.
theme and location confirmed, date TBA (SQWEE!!)…can’t spill the deets yet, but suffice to say it will be wonder-ful 😉

16. Replace the 3 corner posts I’ve put off for the last three years. Chores, boring, I know.

17. Photo-journal a picture a day for one month.
4/1/14 – 4/30/14: post here

18. Go to a drag race. <Um, Shawn?>

19. Sight-see 3 more (minimum) World Heritage sights.

20. MOTO the San Juan Islands. <clock is tickin’ Poppy D!>

21. Make a fused glass something. <Hai, Marilyn>

22. Take a photography class.

23. Finish the 12 quilt UFO’s I discovered … two.years.ago.

25. Take a day off and do absolutely NOTHING productive. Maybe stay in PJ’s all day.

26. Learn to whittle carve. <Marilyn, John, Duane?>

27. Buy a ticket and actually *go* on a river cruise. <again, shush, Sandy>

28. Go to Israel. See #6.

29. Go deep sea fishing, again.

30. Paint a picture.

31. Print and frame Irish puffin photos.

32. Chase a sunset.

33. Swim in a hot spring.

34. Knit a pair of socks. This will require counting and paying attention. Wish me better luck thank the first time I tried!

35. Go skinny dipping.

36. Purge 20 things and not replace them.

37. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

38. Treat someone to lunch. Anonymously.

39. Write a poem.

40. Write a short story.

41. Send out Valentines Day cards one year.

42. Visit a Veterans Memorial on Veterans Day.

43. Complete 10 projects from my To-Do Pinterest board.

44. See a comedy show.

45. Send flowers, randomly, to 3 friends … just because I can.

46. Go zip-lining. Costa Rica has been suggested. See #6.

47. Leash train the Hairy Beastlet and take him hiking.

48. Make a list of all my lists. For science.

49. Go on the Free Walking Tour in 3 major cities, foreign or domestic.

50. Take Amtrak to Seattle for a long weekend. See #49.

51. See the Grand Canyon.

52. Swim in a waterfall-fed pool.

53. Go tech-free for 72 hrs once a quarter. Maybe more.

54. Schedule a photographer for a portrait session. Last professional portrait was done eight years ago; it’s time.
photographer booked; no session date set yet, but I’m really looking forward to it!! 

55. Throw a luncheon (or dinner) and introduce all my favorite people to each other.

56. Photograph all the covered bridges in Oregon.

57. Visit historical Reed Opera House in Salem.

58. Hike Yachats 804 trail.

59. Blow my own glass sculpture.

60. Send 101 hand-written notes.
current count: 1 (4/8/14)

61. Pay off my graduate degree.

62. Pay off my credit card debt.

63. Find my signature shade of lipstick.

64. Create and print personal “business” cards.

65. Review (and revise if necessary) my personal mission statement. <Deb, I still blame you 😉 for even having one >

66. Design and craft my mission statement into a tangible form (ie embroidered wall art, engraved something or other).

67. Go through a corn maze.

68. Add a quote per week to my quote book for two months.
In process; posted in Quotables

69. Send 5 (more) care packages to contact(s) through anysoldier.com. <shout-out to Ryan and Jimmi>

70. Have a candle-lit dinner.

71. Inspire someone else to make a 101 (or similar) list. If you do make a list of your own, please leave a note in the comments! I’d love to (link to your post and) cheer you on.

72. Design a better work space for my home office (read, better desk).

73. Go on a sailing trip. The San Juans have been recommended.

74. Do a handstand push up.

75. Comment on 50 random blogs.

76. Complete a Day of Yes (say yes to everything that day).

77. Go one week complaint-free.

78. Plan a TPB (The Princess Bride) movie night. Attendance requirement: must be able to quote 75% or more of the dialog. Bonus points for acting out the fight scenes. Extra bonus points for coming in costume. Jackpot points for producing a holocaust cloak.

79. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons & frame them together.

80. Practice brevity. Keep a “my day in six words journal” for one month.

81. Spend the afternoon reading at a park. Or on the beach.  Or both.

82. Go to an NBA game.

83. Participate in a Habitat build.

84. Go kayaking.

85. Collect the alphabet of restaurants. Eat at restaurants with a name starting with each letter of the alphabet.
Block 15 (4/2/14), Laughing Planet 4/8/14

86. Order dessert first, then dinner.

87. Lose that pesky 20# and let.it.stay.lost.

88.  Submit entries to 3 different quilt shows / festivals. See #23.

89. Detail my car.

90. Detail my MOTO.

91. Make my own clock.

92. Double my savings account.

93. Play a game of croquet.

94. Find a new quilt pattern to follow (one that might require some math–be sure to self-report said math to Heidi).

95. Go to an NHL game.

96. Type out Jr.’s memoirs from WWII and get it printed/bound for the Old People for Christmas.

97. Develop a more purposeful prayer life.

98. Go roller skating, again.

99. Go water skiing, again. Find friends with a boat :) Go often.

100. Schedule with Theresa to trail ride @ the beach. Confirm schedule. Actually GO. Stryker and Blondie are waiting, impatiently.

101. Put $10 in savings for every item accomplished


102. Finish/publish Gallivanting (Planes, Trains, & Automobiles) photo book.

103. Finish/publish Ireland photo book.

104. Book swim vacation. <Lauren, it’s officially on the list. And, now public.>


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