Wet Beast Season

So. However wistfully I may wish for it, there is no such thing as Dry Dog Days. 

In the spring, and fall, and winter, and sometimes early summer, too, it rains the proverbial cats and dogs. 

Most of summer proper there is water in the creek. This year, we had an unusually long window of nothing running, but that just means the wading pool is out and the sprinklers are on. 


But now it’s November and the rains are back. And my #babybeast can hardly contain herself.  


Because rain means {shudder} the creek is running!!


And that means SCHWIMMING!!!  


SCHWIMMING is her favorite. 

 Zeke, he likes the water, but he’s only good for a lunge or two. 

But SCHWIMMING. And diving!


We’ve just discovered how much fun is diving. 

A wet dog is a happy dog. Long live Wet Dog Season. 


Every day, wrestling. 

Mornings are for wrestling. 

Every morning. 

Because that’s what Hairy Beasts do. 

See the Beast. Happy Beast.