In the moment

Friday. The end of the work week. A chance to get caught up. Or a chance to review what got done and reset for next week what didn’t. 

Friday afternoon. The start of the weekend; a shift in routine for two days. A lull…a moment in time to be deliberate…to just breathe. Experience. Be.  

Got home from work, had dinner, then headed out to the field, to the strategically located dirt pile (yeah, it’s a thing) to fill a pot to plant the snap peas. 

Filled the pot with dirt, then went off to admire daffies….


…and tulips…


…and the rock garden….  

…picked up a few sticks on the way back to the ATV, and evaluated the situation…


…for which the only logical solution is a quick trip to the creek, that no one protested. 




My girl dog is a big fan of big sticks. 

“I have my stick.”


“And I can let it go…”


“…and bring it back again…”


…and again and again. 

This look. It’s the on I get when I tell them it’s time to go.  

Srsly. I have to impersonate a blackjack dealer: show them my hands are completely empty … “No more sticks!” … before they reluctantly come out. 


And then insist. “E’rybody’s go home now.”



Have you tried reasoning with a Hairy Beast lately? Especially one with *that face* …

In the end, I prevailed. Bribed them, if I’m honest, with another run. To be rewarded with a lovely late afternoon perspective. 

Well done, Friday. Well done.