Best. Week. Ever.

It was my birthday on Tuesday, and it was smashing (another shout-out to those who made it so). As a whole, #37 was pretty dang good. And the first week of my New Year that promises to be even better has been the best. week. ever. (Well, best ever so far in #38.)

What made last week so great? A few big things … like the incredibly thoughtful and touching way my colleagues helped me celebrate my birthday, the *awesome* presents from my family (exactly what I wanted), and making it to the final phase of an intense strategic planning process at work.

But it wasn’t just the big things. It was the small things, too. An unexpected brown paper package not tied up with string, but definitely full of love. A play date this morning, and the cup of coffee Corrie brought me, because I asked if she would. A sunny day and the start of this year’s Teva tan.

I especially love the sentiment in Lauren’s totally perfect gift … “to even greater heights!” I’m *so* looking forward to this next year of my life. Bring it, #38!

Puzzle Perfect

It was my first “grown up” two-week vacation, and I was staying with my very best friend. In London. It was the first time my travel required a passport! My flight was scheduled for Sept 12, 2001, and for obvious reasons, my whole itinerary was pushed back two weeks. But I did go, and I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything. It was the first time I’d seen my sister-friend in a few years, and we made the most it. 

Proper English tea. A weekend in Paris. Cheese and wine in a French museum followed by the most amazing Monet. The first time I’ve been moved to tears by
art. A beyond-words lovely day in Bath (no small thing for a Jane Austen fan). We had SUCH an adventure. So many new experiences. So much time together, celebrating
the moment and imprinting the memories.
For several summers, I’ve been part of my friend’s hot air balloon crew. This year, he started teaching me to fly. No one in this season of my life knows I’ve wanted to fly since I was 6 years old. Growing up, I dreamed of being a Navy pilot. I wanted so badly to fly aircraft off carriers. My junior year of high school, I started gathering the requisite recommendations for Annapolis. That summer, several family circumstances shifted, and I readjusted my college/career plans.
These many years later, to be learning to fly … I’m not sure there are words.
I’m certain Andrea didn’t know why that holiday and hot air balloons are so meaningful to me when she picked out a seemingly innocent Christmas present. It’s really not important. What matters is she listens between the words found a gift with meaning across several seasons of my life. She must have bribed the keeper of my sentimental bits. In any case, I couldn’t have picked anything more perfect.

My heart is full.