You *can* put love in a box.

Three years ago (good grief, it seems like just a couple months ago) I went on spring break holiday with my bestie and her family. Tagging along I balanced out the adult-child ratio (they have three boys). I had an absolute blast, experiencing every thrilling twist and turn of Disney World roller coasters more than once. Mt. Everest was definitely my favorite.

Laura and I were able to wander off on our own (the boys are not the most enthusiastic shoppers) and indulge in some girl-time. Whenever we’re able to be together we make it a point to find a souvenir. This particular trip, we decided on matching pendants. Hers, a starfish; mine, a seahorse.

Today the postman brought me love in a box.

A surprise and happy mosey down memory lane. And a beautiful reminder of my beautiful friend.

Perpetual gifts


I’m a big fan of useful, practical gifts. I’m also a fan of house plants. And I *adore* when two favorite things come together.

I’ve had this little beauty several years now. When I look at it or water it, I’m reminded it is indeed a perpetual gift …

And every time it blooms, I’m impressed anew at Shelley’s generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness.