Every day, wrestling. 

Mornings are for wrestling. 

Every morning. 

Because that’s what Hairy Beasts do. 

See the Beast. Happy Beast. 

Favorite things #67

I do so love this time of year!

Happy grass. Happy dog.

And the lower field feels like lazy shaded comfort.

How to Be A Hairy Beast #72

HTBAHB: Always be willing to help

So the first Saturday of the month is MOTO day. And I can’t go with a dirty bike. Impressions matter, right?

Turns out, washing a bike isn’t as simple as just getting out the hose, bucket, wash mitt, etc. It also includes a significant number of admonitions to the dog that, in fact, that is not *his* bucket. And that the hose isn’t only meant for him. An to leave that wash mitt!

90 minutes later… {sigh}