Favorite things…


April 28

Raindrops on irises and whiskers on #hairybeasts… 

Pretty Parrots


The first of  (many) photos from my annual trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. The parrot tulips have always been among my favorites.

Circumstances. Shirk-um-stances.

The iris on the north end of the house is a reblooming iris: normally it blooms once in early spring and once in later summer.

Today is the first of December. We’ve had several nights already with temperatures hovering around freezing. I’m pretty sure this flower missed the memo that it’s now … winter. Or, maybe it simply doesn’t care about the calendar. Either way, it’s defiantly blooming when conventional wisdom says it shouldn’t.

An iris blooms, that its’ job.

And this particular iris obviously takes it’s job seriously. So seriously, it forgot to care about when. Boundaries can be useful, but they can also limit capacity. Because it forgot to watch the weather forecast, it will bloom three times this year instead of only two. When I took this picture, it struck me how productive I could be if I were a little more iris-like. If I were to pay less attention to circumstances and just go do what I’m good at doing … I could have a longer Done list.

This morning’s observation also has me thinking about how (and why) I sometimes let circumstances dictate the quantity of my accomplishment. I haven’t come to any actionable conclusions … yet …but I’m definitely going to keep mulling this over!