Photo (and brevity) journal day 30

April was a solid month. A busy month. A fast month. Here we are, already, at the end of it. 

Reviewing the month, both in photos and six word statements, I’m glad I undertook the photo and brevity journal exercise again. For that’s what it’s been: exercise….commitment, determination, and a selfie swift kick every now and then, “you set a goal and made a commitment, now follow through.”

Something else strikes me in this review. When I start the day expecting a photo op in it, I look at it a little differently. Or, look for it–the opportunity–a little differently. Of course, the Hairy Beasts are always available for their close-up, if I ever got to the near-end of a day without a pic that made me happy. But more frequently, I had too many pics to choose from.

 I experienced life a little more intently this moth, looking for picture-worthy moments. 

Like capturing Terah being a little nonplussed she could spring into the back of the truck. At this precise moment, she is not a fan of the compost. 

Or actually noticing one of the trees I drive past at least three times while running the Hairy Beasts. 

<in other news> The brevity journal has been a good tool for better developing my memory. As I look back over the daily synopsis’, I find I can (mostly) easily recall what happened on that particular day. It likely helps that I’m writing it down, being of the visually tactile variety. And I suspect the accompanying photos, and whatever other narrative, helps too. 


April 30

April: an illustrated, memorable month. 

How to be a Hairy Beast #30

The Hairy Beasts love to run. Have I mentioned this before? Especially in the morning. Especially when the fields are “growing out.” Especially when the dew is heavy. 


They don’t always run hard, but when they do, they get covered in seed. 


Post run and morning chores, Beastlet is always well satisfied with the day. 


I asked her to sit. And she did, but never long enough for me to focus and snap the pic. {sigh} 


April 29

Sunshine. Warm day. And happy dogs. 

Favorite things…


April 28

Raindrops on irises and whiskers on #hairybeasts… and #trueconfessions

So, my self-imposed task for April was is to take a photo and summarize each day in six words. Or less. So far this month I’ve been mostly winning. Earlier in the month, I had a day (twice) where it was super late by the time I called it a day, so I posted the pic and words first thing the morning after the night before.

Friday last, I was whupped. It was a long, productive, albeit frenetic week. I figured I’d post Sat morning. Except that I slept in. Well, not really, not exactly, because Hairy Beasts. They simply don’t care what day of the week it is, when it comes to their morning routine. 5:00am. They get up, and go out. Then sleep till 6:30 (which is when I would get home from the pool, if it were a swimming day). Then they go out for their run. So, technically, there is no sleeping in,  but they are willing to go back to bed after they run. Does that count as “sleeping in,” if I’m back in bed by 7am?

Anyway, Sat was busy. Daylight’s burning and #chores wait for no one. Same deal Sat night. Tired girl; I’ll post in the morning. Sunday, same as. And now it’s Monday night.

#trueconfessions: I’m a little bothered that I didn’t post daily. It feels a little…weird…to summarize a day after the fact. Disingenuous, somehow. But it occurred to me out in the field tonight, spot-spraying weeds in the lower field, there really aren’t any rules here. No one else knows the map laid out in my head for all of this. Or if, in fact, there is a plan. So. Four days in one post. :)



Open hatches are meant for #babybeasts to jump up into. Right? Aren’t dogs supposed to ride in cars?

I got to see two of my peeps who make my heart happy. do we all have cute cheeks, or what? When it’s a good thing to be cheeky…

And this happened.

April 24

Cheeky #babybeast. Cheeky friends. Double promise.


Saturday was a good day. A productive day.


First load of gravel for the summer. Unloaded the truck Sunday.

And the sky was in proper, fetching form.

April 25

Manual labor. And happy little clouds.


Sunday, after church, was schlepping day. All the over-wintered geraniums are now in their summer spots out in the lower fields. A broken-beyond-repair-by-me chair is no longer taking up floor space in the family room. (yay!) There was more stuff, but we don’t need to discuss my sock drawer.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, for about 20 minutes in the late morning. before the mist misted in. You can’t tell from the picture, but that black dot near the middle is a bald eagle. I was out at the back fence line and couldn’t get to my camera. My phone will only zoom so far. There were actually two eagles out, but I couldn’t get both in the same frame. In any case, there are at least two eagles the neighborhood knows of that seems to have moved in. I’m glad. They’re such majestic birds. And they’re welcome to as many pigeons as they want.

April 26

Schlep all the things. Watch birds.


Annual Board retreat today. Lots of talking. Good, productive conversations. Short sentences, because it’s way past my bedtime. I use fewer words when I’m tired (can’t you tell by this post?!?) Spot-spraying previously mentioned.


I’m a big fan of the ladybug, even if it’s decided to camp out on the weed I’m spraying.


This is how #babybeast “helps.”  She’d rather have been swimming.

April 27

Caught  up on posting. Goodnight, moon.




April 23

Like very day, today is beautiful.