This has been a pretty phenomenal week.

I’ve been uber productive. I had a surprise visit from a good friend I don’t see nearly enough of. There was some sunshine. Had a GREAT family night; complete with good dinner and movie quotables. Today, I am capping it off by working from home.

There is just something about not being in the office–being in your own space, surrounded by the stuff you love best–that seems to super-charge my focus. Maybe it’s because I don’t have meetings scheduled, and so I have the luxury of working on projects that take a larger chunk of protected time. As much as I like sitting here in my sweats and slippers, I’m not sure I could work from home on a more permanent basis, though. I know my limitations: I get distracted by shinies, the sun beckoning me to sit outside, the clouds lazily floating past the window, the noisy little birds sqwuaking for more sunflower seeds, or {shudder} chores. But on the infrequent occasion I do work from home, I’m able to get a lot done.

Farm Dog is pretty excited about me being home today, too. He likes simply being “with.” So much so that as I plunk this out he’s snoring.

I can hear the other Hairy Beast snoring out in the hallway. She’s stationed there to make sure there’s no way I can sneak down the hall for lunch without her knowing about it.

Speaking of, it’s time to grab some grub and get back to it. Two more projects to complete before I call it a day.