Pollyanna Perspective (About)


My name is Jen, and I am an unrepentant, intentional Pollyanna. My optimism wears hard-soled boots and strides purposefully across the hardwood. I believe being happy is a choice, and one only you can make for yourself. I believe in hopeful expectation and finding the beauty wherever you are.

A closet writer (of sorts), this space is an extension of my journaling in all it’s sundry forms. I aspire to be a better photographer, better all.the.things wrangler, better friend, better human. And maybe, just a little, (although I’d deny it if anyone called me on it) inspire others to the same.

The Pollyanna Perspective is about:

  • choosing to be inspired, regardless of circumstances
  • being deliberately uplifting when talking to (and about) other people
  • intentionally looking for the silver linings when things get wonky
  • appreciating good when you see it
  • telling other people when they’ve done something you appreciate
  • experiencing joy in the mundane of every-day life

I don’t always win at all of the above; sometimes my Pollyanna gets busted. Sometimes I make bad choices. Sometimes it isn’t pretty. But that’s life, too, in all it’s beautiful crazy madness. Every day I do a little better than the day before. And while I don’t always talk directly about my faith, it is my anchor, my surety in this ever-shifting world: the reason I can be am happy and content. 
Here at PoP, you can expect to hear about growing up my Old People, the #hairybeasts, my various collections, the Adventures of a Farm Girl, schwimming, MOTO, and deliberately choosing life. I’ll share pictures of my favorite things: sunrises, sunsets, and happy little clouds, the views from MOTO rides, the mountains, the ocean, dogs. Did I mention the #hairybeasts? Lots of gratuitous GSD (consider yourself warned).

Thanks for dropping by!

I hope you’ll kick off your metaphorical shoes and make yourself at home. Fix yourself a cuppa tea, have a rummage in the pantry and by all means, leave a note or piece of artwork on the fridge. Srsly. I’d love to hear your story–share the authentic good, the bad, the ugly. Whatever it is, you’re not alone. There really is nothing new under the sun. And knowing that is one of those silver lining things…

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