Every day, wrestling. 

Mornings are for wrestling. 

Every morning. 

Because that’s what Hairy Beasts do. 

See the Beast. Happy Beast. 

#babybeast had a very good day today. Outside nearly all of it. Good runs, playing ball, snacks, on patrol, naps…more running, a little hunting, random barking at grass, more snacks. 
She’s a good example of living without margin. 

Wring every drop of awesome out of each day. 

Sleep hard. 

Do it again tomorrow. 

How to Be A Hairy Beast #72

HTBAHB: Always be willing to help

So the first Saturday of the month is MOTO day. And I can’t go with a dirty bike. Impressions matter, right?

Turns out, washing a bike isn’t as simple as just getting out the hose, bucket, wash mitt, etc. It also includes a significant number of admonitions to the dog that, in fact, that is not *his* bucket. And that the hose isn’t only meant for him. An to leave that wash mitt!

90 minutes later… {sigh}


How To Be A Hairy Beast: Lesson #2

HTBAHB: Lesson #2: Sleep all the sleeps2013-12-15 sleep


It’s a big job, being a puppy.

So many things to see.

So many things to do.

So many things to hide.

So many things to chew.

And so many sleeps to sleep…

2013-12-15 sleep zoe

I’ve been observing the Hairy Beasts these past few weeks. And something important I’ve noticed is that neither Zeke or Zoey let anything deter them from finding a comfortable spot and zonking out when they’re tired.

I’d noticed this before, but never really given it much thought. I just chalked it up to them being a large breed dog and needing the extra down time to keep their batteries charged. But not only have I noticed it again, this time I’m paying attention to it. Because when the puppy sleeps …

It’s not just that he sleeps, but when, and how, too. He’ll play and be rambunctious for an hour, maybe two, then crash out. And sleep hard; don’t bother me, I’m napping. After an hour or so, when he’s feeling refreshed (or thirsty, because sometimes feeling refreshed after a nap makes you thirsty), he’ll get up, stumble over to the water dish, drink like he’s never tasted water before, and then just sit a minute. When he gets his bearings, he’s off to be rambunctious again. Rinse, repeat at least 5 times each day.

     2013-12-10 sleep table     2013-12-09 sleep hanging head     2013-12-16 sleep 1
2013-12-10 sleep floor
He sleeps all over the house. Under the Christmas tree. On the bed. Under the bed. In the bathroom by the toilet. Under the kitchen table. Under the table on the back patio. The big dog bed. Leaned up against the door in the kitchen. The little dog bed. In the middle of the living room floor. Next to Zoey. On Zoey (this one usually doesn’t last very long). The point is, he sleeps when he’s tired.
He’s not too fussy about location.In puppydom: getting tired = taking a nap. And when the puppy sleeps, everybody sleeps. Hmmmm, I could get kinda used to this ….


How To Be A Hairy Beast: Lesson #1

HTBAHB Lesson 1: Be your Own Dog Photo Dec 04, 8 14 34 PM

Meet Zeke, Hairy Beast in Training. He joined our family last week. At 11 wks old, he already has a sweet temperament and defined personality.

And a mind of his own …  he’s got a pretty decided independent streak. Which is a good thing; he has big paw prints to fill. Farm Dog leaves a significant legacy. But Zeke isn’t Gabe, and he doesn’t have the same frame of reference (any, for that matter) for expected pattern(s) of behavior.

Zeke is definitely his own dog. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He likes his belly rubbed. He doesn’t like being told no. He doesn’t like going to bed when he’s overtired. He likes snow and he loves his new dog. For the first few days, Zoey wasn’t too sure about the little furball, but he’s become “her puppy.” She keeps a look out for where he is. They’ve started to play together, and it is pure entertainment to watch.

Photo Dec 05, 9 40 31 PM

Zeke’s decided he likes toys. Soft ones (the cloth/”hairy”) kind. With squeakers. The more obnoxious the squeaker, the better.

Sunday afternoon, he braved the big scary new world of the back field. He didn’t go too far without his dog. Fuzzy Butt was in seventh heaven, making all the dog angels she could. Zeke would put his nose down, run off a few yards, then stop and sit. Like a sentinel on duty, watching Zoey roll, Zeke would sit and just survey his world and taking it all in.

Photo Dec 08, 11 50 11 AM

He likes helping me change the hummie feeder, and skim the thin layer  of ice off the bird bath. And by helping, I mean weaving in and out of around my feet.

Speaking of birds, he kinda likes chasing birds. Which is fine with me.

Maybe he’ll finally run off the pigeons.