Wet Beast Season

So. However wistfully I may wish for it, there is no such thing as Dry Dog Days. 

In the spring, and fall, and winter, and sometimes early summer, too, it rains the proverbial cats and dogs. 

Most of summer proper there is water in the creek. This year, we had an unusually long window of nothing running, but that just means the wading pool is out and the sprinklers are on. 


But now it’s November and the rains are back. And my #babybeast can hardly contain herself.  


Because rain means {shudder} the creek is running!!


And that means SCHWIMMING!!!  


SCHWIMMING is her favorite. 

 Zeke, he likes the water, but he’s only good for a lunge or two. 

But SCHWIMMING. And diving!


We’ve just discovered how much fun is diving. 

A wet dog is a happy dog. Long live Wet Dog Season. 


It is well…

What is it, I wonder, about the sea, at sunset, that is so soothing? 

It is well, it is well with my soul, indeed. 

How to Be A Hairy Beast #72

HTBAHB: Always be willing to help

So the first Saturday of the month is MOTO day. And I can’t go with a dirty bike. Impressions matter, right?

Turns out, washing a bike isn’t as simple as just getting out the hose, bucket, wash mitt, etc. It also includes a significant number of admonitions to the dog that, in fact, that is not *his* bucket. And that the hose isn’t only meant for him. An to leave that wash mitt!

90 minutes later… {sigh}


Rain … waters the flowers

It’s the last week of June. And, once again, the fields were ready to mow three weeks ago. We haven’t started yet, because rain.

This time of year–especially when there are so many outside chores to do–rain is a little inconvenient. And by inconvenient, I mean like wrapping is when you want that chocolate bar NOW.

The upshot is that I don’t have to move sprinklers to keep the flowers watered. This week, anyway.




These carpet lilies are happy. And the orange & purple combo is really starting to grow on me.

More redneck lawn art

Two of my fabulous friends and I started a blog to help keep us [better] connected across the miles that separate us. My post this week is about redneck lawn art. I had a pleasant little promenade down memory lane browsing through my archived photos of Ferdinand, the old farm truck. Here are a few more of my favorite snaps: 

“I’m ready for my close-up”


the neighbor’s cows are fascinated with him too …


this one gives me the impression Ferdie has a runny nose


I love the way the wheel turned out in this pic


spidey’s web just about makes the perfect frame…